In-class/informal writing

It is vital that you keep up with these as they are assigned. They help prepare you for class, give you a direction for your work, and provide you with opportunities to practice writing, critical reading, and thinking. These assignments will be collected on the due date and NOT accepted late. If you know you will be absent, you must hand in your assignment early. These assignments account for 10 percent of your final grade, and also contribute to your participation grade. Twice during the semester, you will be required to write a blog post on a secondary reading. For blog posts, you should write 200-300 words, formulating a key question for class discussion about how the reading deals with the class themes of exemplarity and/or monstrosity. Blog posts are due by 10:00am on the morning of the due date.

Deadline: Ongoing. Check schedule for exact deadlines.
Percentage: 10% of final grade

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