Materiality analysis

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Analysis of the materiality of a medieval manuscript. For this composition, you will analyze the material context of a medieval manuscript or other object. You should utilize the assigned readings and lectures to complete your analysis. I have included links to several options below. If you choose to find your own medieval manuscript, I suggest that you check with me to be sure that you have access to enough information about the manuscript for your composition to describe it fully. This composition should be about 750 words. You can think of this composition as the text of an exhibition catalog describing how materials affect the way we interpret (or read) a particular manuscript object. You should post this composition on your website. You should integrate text and image when appropriate. You should consider the medium and audience for your composition as you write it. You’re publishing this in a digital environment, so you should consider the rhetorical choices you can make that are particular to that context. Additionally, this composition should be aimed at a general audience (educated but not specialists), so you should make it easy to understand how the materiality of the manuscript or object affects our reading of it. You will email me a 200-word reflection on the rhetorical choices you made as a result of publishing the analysis in a digital environment and directing the composition to a general, non-specialist audience. The first draft (due Thurs., Oct. 15) will count towards your daily writing (10% of your final grade). The polished analysis (posted to your website) and reflection (emailed to me) counts for 5% of your final grade.

Deadline: Tuesday, October 20
Percentage: 5% of final grade

A list of manuscripts

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