Research project

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Research project
Your research project should explore a monster of hero figure from a medieval literary text or artistic work. You are free to select a figure from one of the texts or images we have read in class, or you can find one on your own. Your research paper should utilize secondary sources to make an argument about the way that exemplarity or anti-exemplarity is constructed.

  • Initial proposal and annotated bibliography for research project. Due October 29 at 11:00 a.m., the final version of the initial proposal should identify the textual or visual manifestation of a monster or hero that you plan to study, should provide a preliminary version of the argument you expect to make about this figure, and should include five secondary sources that will contribute to your reading of the text/image you have selected. For the draft of your proposal (due Oct. 25 at 12:00 p.m.), you must include at least three sources. The library workshop on October 27 should help you assess the quality of the sources you have featured in your draft and provide you with suggestions for selecting additional sources for your research paper. A librarian is designing a research guide for our class that should help you research your topic. The proposal should be two full pages in length, including an annotated bibliography of your sources. The proposal section should be one to two paragraphs, and should be about one page double-spaced. The annotated bibliography should briefly summarize, assess, and reflect on the importance of each source, indicating the source’s relevance to the research topic. The annotated bibliography section should be about one page single-spaced. See the Purdue OWL ( for explanations and samples of annotated bibliographies. For this assignment, the annotations should be around three to five sentences each. You should find the following readings helpful in completing this assignment: Everything’s an Argument Ch 12: “Proposals” (273-94), Ch 16: “Academic Arguments” (367-82), Ch 17: “Finding Evidence” (395-409), Ch 18: “Evaluating Sources” (410-17), and Ch 19: “Using Sources” (418-35).
              Draft deadline: Sunday, October 25 at 12 (noon). Draft of proposal should include at least three sources.
    Deadline: Thursday, October 29 at 11:00 a.m. This final version must include five sources.
    Percentage: 2% of final grade
  • Individual meeting with instructor about proposal. After you have received comments on the draft of your proposal, read Chapter 6: “Writing Research Arguments” (193-230) of Arguing about Literature before your individual meeting with me on Oct. 29 or 30. This will help you think about how you will expand your proposal into your five-page research paper. Bring a list of ideas and strategies drawn from this chapter to our meeting about your project.
              Dates: October 29 and 30
              Percentage: 2% of final grade
  • Research paper. See Chapter 16: “Academic Arguments” of Everything’s an Argument to start thinking about your research paper. In this paper, you will integrate secondary research with your own argumentation about a monster of hero figure from a medieval literary text or artistic work. You must cite at least seven secondary sources in your paper. As we will discuss in class, in a research paper it is essential to make your own voice heard. You should utilize the arguments put forth by other authors, but you also need to find your own place within the scholarship.
              Draft deadline: Tuesday, November 10
              Deadline: Thursday, November 12
              Percentage: 10% of final grade
  • Multimodal presentation. This assignment asks you to think about composing in an oral mode. It also forces you to articulate the argument from your research paper in a short presentation (6 minutes) to an audience fairly unfamiliar with your topic. See Chapter 15: “Presenting Arguments” of Everything’s an Argument to help yourself restructure your paper into a short performative, oral argument. In this assignment, you will present and defend your reading of the hero or monster that you have researched and analyzed. Please anticipate and respond to potential questions and objections to the argument you present. You will present your analysis in class using your choice of digital media as part of your composition (Prezi, digital storytelling, Camtasia, etc). Your presentation should have a significant visual component that reinforces your oral argument. The format that your presentation takes is up to you, but remember to make deliberate rhetorical choices in your selection and in the design. Your presentation should be no more than six minutes in length, so it is important to be concise and deliberate in your presentation.
              Deadline: December 1 and 3
              Percentage: 8% of final grade


Initial Proposal Assignment Sheet


Research Paper Assignment Sheet


Multimodal Presentation Assignment Sheet

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