Rhetorical analysis

Rhetorical analysis of a hero/monster. Chapter 6: “Rhetorical Analysis” of Everything’s an Argument should be especially useful for this assignment. As a class, we will read several medieval texts and analyze them as a group to unearth the rhetorical strategies the author uses in constructing exemplary and anti-exemplary figures. In this assignment, you will put those skills to practice on a medieval monster or hero text of your choice. You should consider and discuss the ideological stakes of the argument being made, the target audience you think the author has in mind, and the rhetorical strategies the author employs. Your rhetorical and visual analyses cannot both focus on a hero or a monster; one must be on a hero and one must be on a monster. With the paper, you will submit a 200-word reflection on the ways in which you incorporated peer feedback from the in-class workshop on your draft. Four to five pages.

Due date: Tuesday, September 22
Percentage: 5% of final grade

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