Visual analysis

Visual analysis of a hero/monster, For this composition, you will develop analytical skills by analyzing a three visual manifestations of heroes or monsters. In Unit 3 of the course, we will work together to analyze a number of images; this will provide a model for your individual visual analysis. For this analysis, you will select three images of medieval heroes or monsters. On our course website (see below), I have provided five images of monsters and five images of heroes from medieval manuscripts. For this analysis, you will select three images from the ten provided; all three images should belong to the same category (heroes or monsters). In your analysis, use the strategies and techniques outlined in Chapter 14: “Visual and Multimedia Arguments” of Everything’s an Argument. Your objective will be to determine what the image communicates about the exemplary or anti-exemplary figure and also how it communicates. Along with the manuscript illumination, I will provide the text on the manuscript page in translation. You should consider how text and image interact to present the figure as exemplary or not. Our reading by Asa Simon Mittman and Susan M. Kim (“Anglo-Saxon Frames of Reference: Framing the Real in the Wonders of the East”) should be useful to you as you think through the interaction between text and image on the manuscript page. The paper accompanying the three selected images should be an academic essay. You should spend about one page on each image and spend the other one to two pages comparing and contrasting the selected images to one another. Your rhetorical and visual analyses cannot both focus on a hero or a monster; one must be on a hero and one must be on a monster. Four to five pages.

Deadline: Tuesday, October 6
Percentage: 5% of final grade

Images for assignment


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