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Female figure in Luttrell Psalter, c. 1320-1340, fol. 37r. Image belongs to the British Library.

Female figure in London, British Library, Luttrell Psalter, c. 1320-1340, fol. 37r.

If you choose this image, you should focus on the female figure at the bottom of folio 37r of the Luttrell Psalter, which was made in England c. 1320-1340. You should also consider the figure in relation to the text on the full page of the manuscript, as well as the monstrous figures in the margins (see image below on right).

London, British Library, Luttrell Psalter, fol. 37r

London, British Library, Luttrell Psalter, fol. 37r

Transcription and translation of Latin from first full verse (third line of text), Psalm 17,37-41 (Latin from Vulgate; English translation from Douay-Rheims Bible):

Dilatasti gressus meos subtos me;
Thou has enlarged my steps under me;

et non sunt infirmata vestigia mea.
and my feet are not weakened.

Persequar inimicos meos, et com-
I will pursue after my enemies, and

prehendam illos; et non convertar
overtake them; and I will not turn again

donec deficient.
till they are consumed.

Confringam illos, nec poterunt
I will break them, and they shall not be able

stare; cadent subtus pedes meos.
to stand; they shall fall under my feet.

Et praecinxisti me virtute ad bellum,
And thou hast girded me with strength unto battle;

et supplantasti insurgentes in me
and hast subdued under me them that rose up

subtus me.
against me.

Et inimicos meos dedisti michi
And thou hast made my enemies turn their back upon me,

dorsum, et odientes me disperdidisti.
and hast destroyed them that hated me.

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