Monster 1

1. Worm, Luttrell Psalter, fol 42v, close up

London, British Library, Luttrell Psalter, fol 42v

If you choose this image, you should focus on the figure at the bottom of folio 42v of the Luttrell Psalter, which was made in England c. 1320-1340. You should also consider the figure in relation to the text on the full page of the manuscript, as well as the other monstrous figures in the margins (see image below on right).

1. Worm, Luttrell Psalter, fol 42v

London, British Library, Luttrell Psalter, fol 42v

Transcription and translation of Latin from first full verse (second line of text) to first line of following page, Psalm 21.3-7 (Latin from Vulgate; English translation from Douay-Rheims Bible):

Deus meus clamabo per diem et
O my God, I shall cry by day, and

non exaudies: et nocte et non ad in-
thou wilt not hear: and by night, and it shall not be reputed

sipientiam michi.
as folly in me.

Tu autem in sancto habitas laus
But thou dwellest in the holy place, the praise

Israel; in te sperauerunt patres nos-
of Israel; in thee have our fathers hoped.

tri. Sperauerunt et liberasti eos.
they have hoped, and thou hast delivered them.

Ad te clamauerunt et salui facti
They cried to thee, and they were saved

sunt; in te sperauerunt et non sunt
they trusted in thee, and were not


Ego autem sum vermis et non
But I am a worm and no

homo; obprobrium hominum et
man; the reproach of men and

abiecto plebis.
the outcast of people.

Omnes videntes me deriserunt
All they that saw me have laughed

[me locuti sunt labiis moverunt caput.]
[me to scorn; they have spoken with the lips, and wagged the head.]

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