Important dates for Fall 2015

August 26Classes begin
September 2End of Add/Drop/Swap
October 12-13Fall Break, no classes
October 16Partial Withdrawal Deadline (Without Penalty)
November 13One-Time Partial Withdrawal Deadline
November 25-27Thanksgiving Break, no classes
December 8Classes end
December 9-19Exam period

Final exam. No exam will be required. I will be available to meet with you about your final portfolios during the week after classes end. Your final portfolio is due by 5pm on Wednesday, December 16.

Course schedule
The course schedule may be modified slightly during the semester. Check here for updates. I will inform you during class of any changes to the reading and writing requirements. Informal writing assignments will be added throughout the semester. To access the Course Reserves, visit See the schedule below for links to online readings not in copyright.

Unit 1: Heroes (Aug. 27-Sept. 3)
Thurs., Aug. 27• Course overview and introductions
Everything's an Argument – Ch 1: “Everything is an Argument” (3-29)
Tues., Sept. 1‌• Arguing about Literature – Ch 3: “The Reading Process” (70-88)
• Khan Academy’s “A beginner’s guide to medieval Europe” (link to website)
The Life of St George (link to text in Medieval Sourcebook online)
Informal writing: outline the narrative of The Life of St George and write two follow-up questions about the Khan Academy reading. Bring a hard copy to class.
Thurs., Sept. 3Arguing about Literature – Ch 2: “How to Argue about Literature” (34-69)Register for a domain through Emory (details on syllabus) by Sunday, Sept. 6 at 12 (noon). Install Wordpress on your site, and email me with the URL of your website by the deadline.
Unit 2: Monsters (Sept. 8-17)
Tues., Sept. 8Arguing about Literature – Ch 4: “The Writing Process” (Pt 1: 89-105)
Voyage of St Brendan (course reserves excerpt from the Age of Bede, 211-45)
Informal writing: On your website, write a blog post on Voyage of St Brendan (details about blog posts in Informal Writing assignment description). Due by 10am.
Thurs., Sept. 10Everything's an Argument – Ch 6: “Rhetorical Analysis” (90-120)
• Christina Rossetti, "Goblin Market" (poem, available online here)
Tues., Sept. 15Everything's an Argument – Ch 7: “Structuring Arguments” (121-151)
• John Mandeville’s Travels (prologue in Middle English (lines 1-72) from TEAMS online, and excerpt of Chs 3, 13, 14, and 15 available on course reserves)
• Workshop practicing rhetorical analysis as a class
Thurs., Sept. 17Writing workshop and peer editing for Rhetorical AnalysisFirst draft of Rhetorical Analysis of a Hero/Monster due
Unit 3: Reading Visual Sources (Sept. 22-Oct. 1)
Tues., Sept. 22• Presentation on monsters in medieval manuscripts and class analysis of visual images
Everything's an Argument – Ch 14: “Visual and Multimedia Arguments” (Pt 1: 326-33)
• Visual narratives of saints' lives (online resource)
Rhetorical Analysis of Hero/Monster with peer editing reflection due
Thurs., Sept. 24• British Library’s online article, “Medieval Monsters: from the mythical to the demonic”
• Asa Simon Mittman and Susan M. Kim, "Anglo-Saxon Frames of Reference: Framing the Real in the Wonders of the East," pp. 1-25 (available online in Different Visions)
Note: I have removed the Beowulf (2007) movie blog post assignment originally scheduled for this day.
Tues., Sept. 29• Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, “Monster Theory: Seven Theses,” pp. 3-25 (available on course reserves)
• Debra Higgs Strickland, "Monstrosity and Race in the Late Middle Ages," pp. 365-385 (available on course reserves)
Thurs., Oct. 1• Writing workshop and peer editing for Visual Analysis. Bring four hard copies of paper draft to class.First draft of Visual Analysis of a Hero/Monster due
Unit 4: Materially-Engaged Reading (Oct. 6-15)
Tues., Oct. 6• Lecture: “Medieval Manuscripts and Materially-Engaged Reading”
• Read excerpt from Barbara Shailor's The Medieval Book (course reserves) by candlelight. In class you will handwrite a short reflection on the experience of reading by candlelight.
Visual Analysis of a Hero/Monster due
Thurs., Oct. 8Workshop with medieval manuscripts in MARBL
Tues., Oct. 13Fall Break, no class
Thurs., Oct. 15• In-class workshop with medieval manuscript materials
• Writing workshop and peer editing for Analysis of the materiality of a medieval object
First draft of Analysis of the materiality of a medieval object due
Unit 5: Writing the Research Paper (Oct. 20-Nov. 10)
Tues., Oct. 20Everything's an Argument – Ch 12: “Proposals” (273-94) & Ch 16: “Academic Arguments” (367-82)
• Workshop ideas for Research/Multimodal Project
Analysis of the materiality of a medieval object due
Thurs., Oct. 22Everything's an Argument – Ch 17: “Finding Evidence” (395-409), Ch 18: “Evaluating Sources” (410-17), & Ch 19: “Using Sources” (418-35)
• Workshop on citing sources and writing a research paper
Research Project:
Draft of Initial Proposal, including three sources, due by Sunday, Oct. 25 at 12 (noon).
Tues., Oct. 27Library workshop with focus on resources for writing research papers. Class will meet in Woodruff Library 312.
Thurs., Oct. 29• No class.• Research/Multimodal Project: Initial Proposal, including five sources, due by 11am on Thurs., Oct. 29
• Individual meetings with instructor, Oct. 29 & 30
Tues., Nov. 3• Read Arguing about Literature – Ch 6: “Writing Research Arguments” (193-230) Research Project:
• The reading will help you think about how you will expand your proposal into your five-page research paper. Bring a list of ideas and strategies drawn from this chapter to class today.
• Bring your proposal, as well as any notes and writing you have done so far.
Thurs., Nov. 5In class:
• Peer editing workshop on draft paragraphs
Research Project:
• Bring a draft of your introductory paragraph and two body paragraphs. Bring four hard copies.
• Also bring your proposal and notes.
Tues., Nov. 10In class:
• Peer editing workshop for research paper
Research Project:
• Full draft of Research Paper due in class. Bring three hard copies.
Unit 6: Performance: Composing in an Oral Mode (Nov. 12-17)
Thurs., Nov. 12Everything's an Argument - Ch 15: "Presenting Arguments" (344-58)
Compose, Design, Advocate: A Rhetoric for Integrating Written, Oral, and Visual Communication, 197-211 & 232 (online course reserves)

In class:
• As a class, we will determine the grading criteria for your multimodal presentations.
• You will generate a preliminary outline for your multimodal presentation.
Research Project:
Research Paper due via email by midnight on Thurs., Nov. 12
Tues., Nov. 17• Jonathan Adams, "Preaching about an Absent Minority: Medieval Danish Sermons and Jews" (9 pages, online course reserves)
Everything's an Argument - Ch 14: "Visual and Multimedia Arguments" (Pt 2: 334-43)
Compose, Design, Advocate, 266-7 & 280-1 (online course reserves)

In class:
• Part of class will be devoted to a peer editing workshop for your multimodal presentation plans.
Informal writing:
Blog post due by 10 a.m.

In your blog post, consider the way text/image/voice interact in today's reading (the Danish sermons Adams discusses). Then, using the outline from Thursday's class and today's other readings, provide a preliminary plan for the textual and visual elements of your multimodal presentation.
Unit 7: Revising Strategies (Nov. 19-Dec. 8)
Thurs., Nov. 19• Donald M. Murray, "The Maker's Eyes: Revising Your Own Manuscripts" (online course reserves)
Arguing about Literature - Ch 4: "The Writing Process" (Pt 2: 106-8)
• Bring the three papers you will revise in your final portfolio along with the comments you received on each one.
• Take notes on the readings and highlight strategies for revision that you will use in your final portfolio. Bring a hard copy of these notes.
Tues., Nov. 24In class:
• Revision workshop and peer editing of final portfolio
• Bring the three papers you will revise in your final portfolio along with the comments you received on each one. Bring two hard copies of each paper.
• For each paper, write three ideas for ways that you will revise and expand the paper. These revision plans will help you rite the 200-word reflections in the final portfolio. Bring these notes in hard copy as well.
Thurs., Nov. 26Thanksgiving Break, no class
Tues., Dec. 1No readingMultimodal presentations
Thurs., Dec. 3No readingMultimodal presentations
Tues., Dec. 8Everything's an Argument - "Web Sites" (360-1)
Compose, Design, Advocate, 237-8, 240-2, 244-64 (online course reserves)

In class:
• Workshop and peer feedback on website design plans
• Workshop on reflective letter for final portfolio
Preliminary draft (at least 500 words of the total 1,000) of your reflective letter due in class. Bring four hard copies.
Wed., Dec. 16Final Portfolio due by 5pm

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