Week 12: Nov 10 & 12 – Writing the Research Paper / Performance: Composing in an Oral Mode

TUESDAY, NOV. 10 – Writing the Research Paper


  • Full draft (five pages) of research paper due. Bring three hard copies for peer editing workshop.

THURSDAY, NOV. 12 – Performance: Composing in an Oral Mode


  • Everything’s an Argument – Ch 15: “Presenting Arguments” (344-58)
  • Compose, Design, Advocate: A Rhetoric for Integrating Written, Oral, and Visual Communication (197-211 & 232, online course reserves)

In class

  • As a class, we will determine the grading criteria for your multimodal presentations.
  • You will generate a preliminary outline for your multimodal presentation.


  • Research paper due via email by midnight on Thursday, November 12.

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