Week 16: Dec 8 – Final Portfolio Workshop



  • Everything’s an Argument, “Web Sites,” pp. 360-61
  • Compose, Design, Advocate, pp. 237-38, 240-42, and 244-64 (online course reserves)


  • Preliminary draft of your reflective letter due in class (at least 500 words; the minimum word counts is 1,000). Read pages 2-3 of the final portfolio assignment sheet to get started. Bring four hard copies to class. Note: You won’t be able to finalize the letter until you’ve finished revising everything since you need to include evidence from your papers. For the draft, you should think about how you want to structure the letter, and you can start to think generally about how you’ve fulfilled the learning objectives through the assignments. You can add more specific details and references to your papers after you’ve finished all the revisions.
  • Sample reflective letters (These are probably more focused on visuals than yours will be because their course was about visual writing. You can see some good examples of students discussing how their writing has fulfilled the learning objectives and linking to their assignments as evidence of fulfilling those objectives.):

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