Week 3: Sept 8 & 10 – Monsters


  • Arguing about Literature – Ch 4: “The Writing Process.” Part 1: 89-105. You do not need to complete the writing exercise on p. 91, but you should read through the example paper and the following sections through page 105.
  • Voyage of St Brendan, excerpt from The Age of Bede, 211-45. Available through online course reserves.


  • On your website, write a blog post on the Voyage of St Brendan. You can organize your website however you want, but it should be easy for a reader to find your blog posts. For blog posts, you should write 200-300 words, formulating a key question for class discussion about how the reading deals with the class themes of exemplarity and/or monstrosity. How are certain figures depicted as heroes or monsters, and what passages in the text contribute to that depiction? Your blog post can describe how you formulated the question. You can also include any answers you have to the question, as well as follow-up questions. You should include relevant quotations from the text. Blog posts are due by 10:00am on the morning of class.

Class notes


  • Everything’s an Argument – Ch 6: “Rhetorical Analysis” (90-120). You should read the full chapter, but you do not need to do the response exercises. The Guide to Writing a Rhetorical Analysis on pages 114-19 should be helpful as you plan for your upcoming Rhetorical Analysis assignment.
  • Christina Rossetti, “Goblin Market” (poem available online here)

Class notes

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